Here’s a thought for you: we put in orders at the end of the week, so if you were thinking about buying a shirt, but couldn’t get your lazy hand to click on your New Messages option of your email, this will provide a little incentive. Because we are a little in the red with all of our overhead costs, we need desperately to earn this back before we can even THINK about making a profit. So we need to sell around 40 tees before we can finally get out of debt.

Here’s how we help you help us. If you order a Thousand Years tee by 3 pm this Friday (NO EXCEPTIONS), that’s roughly the time we’ll be taking all orders to the print shop to make the first batch. Buy one now and you get each INDIVIDUAL shirt for ONLY $20 AND SAVE FIVE WHOLE WHOPPING BUCKS! Please, we’re not earning a lot on each shirt, so help us get off the ground by recommending us to your friends, etc. Remember, Friday by 3 pm!

To order, email thousandyearsltd@gmail.com, or send us a pm on Facebook (or post on the group wall). INCLUDE QUANTITY, SIZE, DESIGN, AND COLOUR! Thank you!


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