Use Facebook to take a look!

Follow this link to go to our Facebook group, arguably our most updated social networking site, here: and join the group! We keep you posted on all things Thousand Years, and if you’re not a fan of INTERESTING, and AWESOME tidbits of info that we try to provide you with here on our blog, then you’ll definitely find the Facebook group for you. It’s 100% relevant to our business, and you’ll be constantly getting updates on stuff ranging from our latest website updates, the various colours we offer, etc. Check it out now!

SPEAKING of various colours, we offer our two new designs in a set 4 colours of American Apparel tee’s. For Imprint, the logo design, we offer that in black, fuschia, purple, and kelly green. For Octocream, we offer that in lemon, aqua, lime, and creme. Stay updated for the new set colours for our original 4 designs (we’re limiting it because a lot of people are complaining that they have TOO much choice)!

Finally, stay tuned for a new video being released in the VERY, VERY near future! It’s a very flattering one of Nick, and features the song Over by your local Toronto-turned-superstar Drake!


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