We gots the good stuff!

Hey all, it’s been a little short of a week since our last update, and I assure you this was to optimize the time spent hustling and flowing and getting our move on this bih-ness! And what a week it’s been! We were one man down this past week but we managed to keep it going by making a ton of trips down to Kensington to visit (and probably pester) the guys at HardBoiled Inc, our fab printers. After our friend Emma told us about a possible media spotlight that would take place on Thursday, we tried to rush just our first design (Iconic) to make that deadline for Emma to rock on TV, but by the time jeudi rolled around, it turns out that the printers had actually managed to pump out all 85 of our first batch! We had to rush Emma her shirt by 7:00 pm at the latest, but we only managed to grab the box of shirts by 6:40, and after a bit of coordinating, we ran all the way across 4 city blocks to deliver our first order. Thanks to Emma once again for helping us out!

We also managed to get our busking license at the beginning of last week, a task we had put off for a bit too long being that the licensing office was by Coxwell station (far east, to say the least). But, after waiting around in the waiting room, and figuring out what category of a busker I should be placed under (it was between clown and mime), we finally got the laminated license (so fresh, so clean!). Be sure to check us out busking somewhere along Queen St. West where the sidewalks are widest!

On Saturday we got a few of our lovely friends to model our shirts to send to all of you, and to send to Jackie, our web designer. Shit be moving quickly, your boys from school are making it big!

So to end off this long awaited update, GET READY FOR YOUR SHIRTS! They look so fly, and so crisp, and if you haven’t gotten one, SHAME ON YOU, and order one NOW NOW NOW. Pics will ensue, and watch out for a new video sometime this week. Check out our Twitter (twitter.com/1000yearsltd) for updates about our location on Queen St. West, and we’ll contact all those who ordered shirts to begin our deliveries. Stay posted!


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