Last week, we had a circle jerk.

…and we videotaped it. Now let me explain.

About a week ago, after our final group meeting, we sat down to do inventory and budget in preparation for our big separation. It all seemed to be going well until… WAIT WHAT?! We were missing money.

We checked the spreadsheets again. We checked our stock again. Then we sat silent, racking our brains as to where the cash had gone. Suddenly, Nick yelled out, “MANPUKU!” We stared blankly at him; we had just eaten a delicious meal at Manpuku, so what was he shouting about? “Sid from Manpuku! We gave him a shirt!” he explained, “that’s where the missing money went!”

With all the money accounted for, we looked at our budget. We tallied the expenses. We tallied the revenue. And at the bottom of the document, a tiny, magical, number appeared.

We stared at it for a few moments, hardly believing our eyes. Could it be? Was it really true? Had we… had we made… had we made a profit???

Indeed we had. And this is what ensued…


Busted by the Po’

The man shut us down today. While busking on Queen like we always do, a few plainclothes officials from the licensing division of the Man walked by and decided to give us a stern talking to. Apparently we accidentally violated a few (well, more than a few) busking by-laws and told us that we could have racked up a total fine of over $25 000. We had like 15 fam out supporting us and creating some buzz, and even though I had a busking license not everyone who was dancing did. Also, apparently the use of speakers is illegal… which makes me wonder how people even dance on the street. What does one dance to? Not frontin’, the guy was pretty nice about everything, and just educated us about the intricate and numerous laws that a busker must understand.

ALSO while I’m on the topic of understanding, YOU must understand that we have a new member of our team, Miss Abi Ferstman of Toronto who will be helping David hold it down here in the as we go our separate ways in about a week. Soon the team will split up to their respective universities (BUT WE WILL LIVE ON!) and so continue to support us in our three major cities of operation: London, Toronto, and Montreal.

Thanks to everyone who came out today (haha, came) and keep giving us your love (…came). Peace out!

The site is up and running!

After teasing you guys for weeks our site is finally up. Check it out at

It contains all official information about the company, but still check out the facebook group and blog for random fun stuff.

On our site you can find prices, sizing, designs, galleries, contact info, and more!  Thanks to everyone who has been following and supporting us, we really appreciate it.

An extra special thanks goes to Jackie Chang and Martin Sheng of Blue Bento who pretty much made the entire webiste from a few basic ideas we gave them.

What’s left/new colour limitations!

Below is a list of our current stock leftover from the first batch. These are all discounted at only $20 and are, if you recall, printed on high quality American Apparel tees. If you want a shirt delivered to you ASAP without having to wait for the whole printing process to go through, buy one of these as we have all these shirts on hand already. Here’s a picture of all 9 of these:

Imprint (Black): M
Imprint (Lemon): S
McThousand (Eggplant): XS
McThousand (Black): M
McThousand (White): S
McThousand (Lapis): M
McThousand (Lapis): XS
Fat Farm (Heather Grey): M
Octocream (White): M
Shirt Meta (Heather Lake Blue): M
Shirt Meta (Purple): S

Also, a new change to our available colours has been implemented. We can no longer offer EVERY single colour AA offers on their website to to stocking/inventory limitations, and so here are the available colours in each (for sizes XS to L):

Iconic – Navy, Pomegranate
Fat Farm – Navy, Purple
*McThousand – Purple, Fuschia
Shirt Meta – Heather Lake Blue, Orchid
Imprint – Black, Purple
Octocream – Lime, Aqua

*We may decide to discontinue the McThousand design due to low demand. Also, if we don’t, these colour options are subject to change.

Speaking of busking…

We’ve released a new video! This is a bit different compared to all of our previous videos, but we think you’ll enjoy it just the same. This is a little bit of a teaser showing just how we do things here in Toronto, and it previews what you could see if you come downtown for a little entertainment and shirt buying. Busking on Queen St. West, you’ll only catch us there for another week before university move-in kicks in.

Anyway here’s the video:

Marketing Techniques

The TYA boys learned a tough lesson in marketing today: People would much rather buy shirts from attractive girls than random boys. Yesterday, we sold 2 shirts to complete strangers in 40 minutes with the aid of our, *ahem,* “persuasive” associates Daniela Chang and Angela Li. Today we tried this again, only this time we didn’t have the aid the fairer sex.

We busked for over an hour and no one stopped to look at our shirts.

SERIOUSLY CANADA ARE YOU THAT SEX-ORIENTED?!? We were bustin out our most illin and freshest moves and we could hardly sell to toddlers.

So we’re telling you this for two reasons. The first is that this is a blog and we just talk about crazy things that happen to us. The second is that, if you fancy yourself an attractive girl, please come downtown to Queen and Spadina to help us busk. You hardly even have to do anything, just stand there and look good, sex sells.

I hope you’re all having a better day than we did, peace out