Marketing Techniques

The TYA boys learned a tough lesson in marketing today: People would much rather buy shirts from attractive girls than random boys. Yesterday, we sold 2 shirts to complete strangers in 40 minutes with the aid of our, *ahem,* “persuasive” associates Daniela Chang and Angela Li. Today we tried this again, only this time we didn’t have the aid the fairer sex.

We busked for over an hour and no one stopped to look at our shirts.

SERIOUSLY CANADA ARE YOU THAT SEX-ORIENTED?!? We were bustin out our most illin and freshest moves and we could hardly sell to toddlers.

So we’re telling you this for two reasons. The first is that this is a blog and we just talk about crazy things that happen to us. The second is that, if you fancy yourself an attractive girl, please come downtown to Queen and Spadina to help us busk. You hardly even have to do anything, just stand there and look good, sex sells.

I hope you’re all having a better day than we did, peace out


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