What’s left/new colour limitations!

Below is a list of our current stock leftover from the first batch. These are all discounted at only $20 and are, if you recall, printed on high quality American Apparel tees. If you want a shirt delivered to you ASAP without having to wait for the whole printing process to go through, buy one of these as we have all these shirts on hand already. Here’s a picture of all 9 of these:

Imprint (Black): M
Imprint (Lemon): S
McThousand (Eggplant): XS
McThousand (Black): M
McThousand (White): S
McThousand (Lapis): M
McThousand (Lapis): XS
Fat Farm (Heather Grey): M
Octocream (White): M
Shirt Meta (Heather Lake Blue): M
Shirt Meta (Purple): S

Also, a new change to our available colours has been implemented. We can no longer offer EVERY single colour AA offers on their website to to stocking/inventory limitations, and so here are the available colours in each (for sizes XS to L):

Iconic – Navy, Pomegranate
Fat Farm – Navy, Purple
*McThousand – Purple, Fuschia
Shirt Meta – Heather Lake Blue, Orchid
Imprint – Black, Purple
Octocream – Lime, Aqua

*We may decide to discontinue the McThousand design due to low demand. Also, if we don’t, these colour options are subject to change.


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