Busted by the Po’

The man shut us down today. While busking on Queen like we always do, a few plainclothes officials from the licensing division of the Man walked by and decided to give us a stern talking to. Apparently we accidentally violated a few (well, more than a few) busking by-laws and told us that we could have racked up a total fine of over $25 000. We had like 15 fam out supporting us and creating some buzz, and even though I had a busking license not everyone who was dancing did. Also, apparently the use of speakers is illegal… which makes me wonder how people even dance on the street. What does one dance to? Not frontin’, the guy was pretty nice about everything, and just educated us about the intricate and numerous laws that a busker must understand.

ALSO while I’m on the topic of understanding, YOU must understand that we have a new member of our team, Miss Abi Ferstman of Toronto who will be helping David hold it down here in the T.dot as we go our separate ways in about a week. Soon the team will split up to their respective universities (BUT WE WILL LIVE ON!) and so continue to support us in our three major cities of operation: London, Toronto, and Montreal.

Thanks to everyone who came out today (haha, came) and keep giving us your love (…came). Peace out!


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