Last week, we had a circle jerk.

…and we videotaped it. Now let me explain.

About a week ago, after our final group meeting, we sat down to do inventory and budget in preparation for our big separation. It all seemed to be going well until… WAIT WHAT?! We were missing money.

We checked the spreadsheets again. We checked our stock again. Then we sat silent, racking our brains as to where the cash had gone. Suddenly, Nick yelled out, “MANPUKU!” We stared blankly at him; we had just eaten a delicious meal at Manpuku, so what was he shouting about? “Sid from Manpuku! We gave him a shirt!” he explained, “that’s where the missing money went!”

With all the money accounted for, we looked at our budget. We tallied the expenses. We tallied the revenue. And at the bottom of the document, a tiny, magical, number appeared.

We stared at it for a few moments, hardly believing our eyes. Could it be? Was it really true? Had we… had we made… had we made a profit???

Indeed we had. And this is what ensued…


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