Blame it on the Pop

So the boys of TYA listen to a lot of hip-hop/rap, which is why that’s the kind of music that’s been posted so far. But…I don’t. Not gonna lie, if I’m listening to hip-hop, there’s a 99% chance that it’s Top 40 stuff. I LISTEN TO POP MUSIC. AHHH THE SHAME. Anyway, I want to keep the content of the blog semi-consistent, so I’m not going to post about the new music that Selena Gomez & The Scene have recently released, or anything like that (fyi Summer’s Not Hot is deliciously, trashily addictive). But even though I can’t give you any exciting, alt hip-hop songs, I CAN give you an exciting, alt hip-hop VIDEO.

The artist (Thomas Straum) was trying to make the ‘most generic’ rap video possible. How scarily accurate is that?!

Seriously. Compare it to this:

See you around!


[Via Flavorwire]


It’s nothing personal, it’s just businesss

Whatchuuu sayyyinn from London!

Surinder here with some super sick news as to what TYA’s been up to in our westernmost region. The other day during one of my business classes, my professor made me get up on stage and explain to the class what TYA is and what we do. Not only was the class blown away by the dopeness that is Thousand Years, they quickly cleaned out our stack of business cards, and hit up the website IN CLASS. As if that weren’t enough, Nick and I were contacted by a hockey team, two residence floors, and two entire residences in hopes of getting clothing made. WE DO IT BIG IN LONDON!


In other news, as TYA’s gym buff, I’ve been working out with an army corporal that I met at Western and he’s introduced me to a new workout regime call Crossfit. If you’re looking to get built army/fireman styles, check it out:

And finally, I wouldn’t dare end this blog post without paying tribute to one of my favourite imprisoned artists, Lil’ Wayne aka Weezy F Baby aka Weezy F, aka Weezy. Weezy has been serving his criminal arms possession time for the past six and a half months, and is scheduled to be released at some point in November, but not before releasing an album or two.

While in prison on Monday night, Wayne’s mixtape “I am not a human being” was released digitally world-wide, and is only the second rapper to do that since Tupac. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be the best rapper of all time to be the most dedicated, and that’s why we love you Weezy. Check out one of his newest tracks with Drake, “Gonorrhea”

TYA- London ranks this album at about an 7/10, meaning it’s definitely worth a listen, and we’re eagerly anticipating the release of The Carter IV in November.

Mad Love,

Surinder Jaidka

Thousand Years of Mixes Part One

Okay I get it lemme I think I guess it’s my turn. Mark here coming to you from a rainy Montreal. For those of you who have checked out our bios on the sexy main website,, you’ll notice that my activities include going to camp, posing and I’m an “aspiring DJ”. Well first off, my friends are assholes. More importantly it’s good to know that even in Uni I can use DJing as a way to not do my homework.

And so this is the first installment in the Thousand Years of Mixes series, which I’ll try and keep updating throughout the year. This first set is half top 40 half techno because that’s what I’ve been listening to recently (wooo being legal!). You can download it here:

Speaking of DJing we gotta give a shout out to Western DJs. We designed them a shirt for frosh week, and they’ve been reppin’ our design on their Facebook.:

Check out their page here!

Other than that life’s been good. If you’re a Montreal club owner, a 13 year old boy (looking for a bar mitzvah DJ) or you just want the freshest graphic tees you’ll ever find, we’re your boys (and Abi).


DJ Buy My T-Shirts aka Mark

I want Panda Cheese NOW

These are advertisements for the cheese brand Panda that aired on Egyptian television, and it is hands down the funniest set of commercials I have seen in a very very long time. Simply comedic genius.

I don’t think it’s cheese made out of panda milk, but rather just a brand. I could care less, however.

On a different note, here’s the most recent artist I’ve been diggin’. Man, this Stone’s Throw label is stacked with crazy artists, from Dilla and Aloe Blacc, to guys like this. Check it out:

Speaking of Aloe Blacc again, I’ve recently joined an acapella group called Effusion here in Montreal for beatboxing, and apparently they’re pretty well known both in the city, but also internationally (they tour all over the states)! Turns out they’re opening for an Aloe concert coming up, but I have yet to know if I, one of the newbies, will be performing there or not. Check them out on YouTube, or at their website!


Work hard, play hard.

Hey people, it’s Abi here!

I guess this is more David’s territory than mine, as he’s the interior-designer-in-training, but WHATEVER. Finders keepers, and I just found this crazy article on 10 of the world’s coolest workplaces.


[Playtime at the Lego headquarters

{Just your average Cartoon Network cubicle}

{An architecture firm in Madrid}

{Quick meeting at Google}



How incredible are those offices!? I want one of those inflatable chairs really badly. I bet those people love to go to work everyday. If my desk looked like that I swear I would be ten times more productive. Unfortunately, my desk is pretty average:


Also, my apologies for the crappy Photobooth pics; my camera is at home and I am too lazy to go get it.

Anyway, I’ll see you guys later.

Much love, Abi

PS. Toronto Crew has been reppin’ for two posts in a row. Step it up, Montreal+London.

PPS. Keep ordering shirts!

You can pay for school but you can’t buy class

Hey guys, it’s David here! I’m in the middle of a 6 to 9 french class and let me say this french class is the best thing ever that’s happened to me.

We’re in the middle of presentations right now and this girl who was dressed in Slavic dance wear did hers on the Polish community  in Canada … and gave us all free beer. Despite the odd taste of Polish beer, the fact that we all got free beer in class is incredible. We’ve spent about one hour watching Slavic Dancing and Polish food with interesting commentary from my prof and I am confident that this is my favourite class all semester by far.  Plus, my prof dismissed me 2 hours early last week. I think my prof looks like a crazy evil twin brother of Robin Williams. I’m looking forward to this semester >).

This guy is my teacher i swear

Here are some sample comments from

“Switched to this course because other teachers so boring. Best decision I made this year. 6-star rating prof. Interesting and fun. Loving it.”

“‘Merci Suzie..umm..Sarah..umm..Veronica……Michelle?’ He forgets your name on purpose and he is such an ass, and so funny! I would take french with him again! Btw his rubber ducks…he named them George Bush and Sarah Palin! This class was a good break during the day!”

“BEST TEACHER EVER!! he was sooooo jokes. everyday we would watch stuff on youtube and talk about unfortunate britneys spears. i would take his class again in a heartbeat. such a cool prof! and funny gal.”

Edit: 5 mins later, I’m on my second cup of beer. Rye High!!!! Drinking at school is certainly a novel experience.


There are also free Twizzlers going around but I do not really like licorice.

P.S. I found this article very funny, read the URL and you will go WTF:,18127/

Anyways, the Thousand Years Apparel home base is very much alive in Toronto; I’m at Ryerson and Abi’s reppin’ it at the University of Toronto ~~

You know where to go for your graphic tee fix : D

Me enjoying some quality suds and pretzels in french class

Peace out, one love until next week,


PS. Also check out this rad shelving unit … I don’t know about its practicality though.

lolll shelving fail

P.P.S. There is some dude named Jules-Caesar in my class. How awesome is that? And to think my friend Benjamin Meyerson would have been named after the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II.

Edit: @7:50 PM  i may be a bit tipsy  that was my third cup oh god university and my asian tolerance

Thousand Years gets kicked out of k-os concert + Cool live action pokemon

Sorry for the huge hiatus from the Western boys, but we’ve been really busy until recently with frosh week (pppaaarrrtttyyy) and getting settled in. To make up for it we got a lot to tell you guys, it has been one insane ride!

First off, k-os gave a free concert on campus recently. A few hundred people were jammed into a small area on Concrete Beach and it was unbelievably packed. People were even coming down from other cities to see him, especially after the insane concert given by Down With Webster. Seeing how we love to represent Toronto and all things from our beautiful city, the Western Boys quickly hustled back to residence near the end of the concert to grab a lovely Iconic Tee for K-Os, and proceeded to wait for him back stage. After waiting in what was less than spectacular weather for approximately an hour, the Western Boys were forced out of the area by security for “hassling the celebrity” and soliciting in a blocked off area. Rebels? I think not. After talking to the school VP of Finance we were told that we had every right to be there, and yet we were still kick out. I guess we’re just that bad ass, even in London, Ontario.

So K-Os, if you’re out there, and you check us out, first off, we appreciate the support, secondly, we just want you to know that we love what you’re doing, and we’ve still got a beautiful graphic tee waiting for you. For everyone else, stay tuned for more Western U news, we’re back, and we’re AMPED for a dope year. GET SOME TYA, GET SOME!

Oh ya and the part you probably actually care about