Shout Out From Montreal

Bonjour to all our readers! Hope everything is going well. First off, we wanna apologize. At the very beginning TYA we promised to blog updates AND cool stuff. Recently we’ve been blogging a little selfishly, so we’re returning with some cool stuff for you. Very quick though, for those of you wondering what our frosh was like…they say a picture is worth a thousand words (for a thousand years):


OK cool stuff time:

This site is for those of you like us who walk the delicate line between gangsta rap and romantic comedy: is a full mashup album of wayne’s classics and the 500 days of summer soundtrack. “This is not a mashup album, this is an album about Wayne.” Very cool stuff.

On a different tip, if you enjoy some modern mo-town you’ll enjoy Aloe Blacc’s Beautiful  & I Need A Dolla, and some Raphael Saadiq with his Let’s Take A Walk and 100 Yard Dash.

We’ve both just been chilling, settling into our respective residences, meeting lots of new people, handing out tons of business cards, doing our usual hustlin’ thang. Our stock is already down 8 shirts and we only just got our first shipment in, via the Nick Express (Nick came to Montreal!). Stay updated with our shit and we’ll give you more interesting tidbits from the frenchie side! Au revoir!


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