Stuntin’ Like Mufasa

I love Disney music.

I love it so much that I once did a lip synch to I’ll Make a Man Out of You in front of almost 40 people. BY MYSELF. But that’s a whole other story.

So when our friend Sam introduced me to this album yesterday, I got really excited.

The artist is DJ DoYou and the album is called Stuntin’ Like Mufasa (such a good title!). It combines songs from Disney movies like The Lion King with hip-hop and R&B hits by Drake and Lil Wayne, among others. And it is SO CATCHY. I may have avoided doing my Latin homework for two hours by listening to it…

I obviously fell in love with this one:

And I think this is combo of Little Mermaid+Aaliyah is one of the best tracks on the album:

Sam's the tall guy on the left wearing aviators and a Fat Farm shirt. Thanks Sam!

Time to get back to translating Caesar.
Much love from Toronto!

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