Thousand Years gets kicked out of k-os concert + Cool live action pokemon

Sorry for the huge hiatus from the Western boys, but we’ve been really busy until recently with frosh week (pppaaarrrtttyyy) and getting settled in. To make up for it we got a lot to tell you guys, it has been one insane ride!

First off, k-os gave a free concert on campus recently. A few hundred people were jammed into a small area on Concrete Beach and it was unbelievably packed. People were even coming down from other cities to see him, especially after the insane concert given by Down With Webster. Seeing how we love to represent Toronto and all things from our beautiful city, the Western Boys quickly hustled back to residence near the end of the concert to grab a lovely Iconic Tee for K-Os, and proceeded to wait for him back stage. After waiting in what was less than spectacular weather for approximately an hour, the Western Boys were forced out of the area by security for “hassling the celebrity” and soliciting in a blocked off area. Rebels? I think not. After talking to the school VP of Finance we were told that we had every right to be there, and yet we were still kick out. I guess we’re just that bad ass, even in London, Ontario.

So K-Os, if you’re out there, and you check us out, first off, we appreciate the support, secondly, we just want you to know that we love what you’re doing, and we’ve still got a beautiful graphic tee waiting for you. For everyone else, stay tuned for more Western U news, we’re back, and we’re AMPED for a dope year. GET SOME TYA, GET SOME!

Oh ya and the part you probably actually care about



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