You can pay for school but you can’t buy class

Hey guys, it’s David here! I’m in the middle of a 6 to 9 french class and let me say this french class is the best thing ever that’s happened to me.

We’re in the middle of presentations right now and this girl who was dressed in Slavic dance wear did hers on the Polish community  in Canada … and gave us all free beer. Despite the odd taste of Polish beer, the fact that we all got free beer in class is incredible. We’ve spent about one hour watching Slavic Dancing and Polish food with interesting commentary from my prof and I am confident that this is my favourite class all semester by far.  Plus, my prof dismissed me 2 hours early last week. I think my prof looks like a crazy evil twin brother of Robin Williams. I’m looking forward to this semester >).

This guy is my teacher i swear

Here are some sample comments from

“Switched to this course because other teachers so boring. Best decision I made this year. 6-star rating prof. Interesting and fun. Loving it.”

“‘Merci Suzie..umm..Sarah..umm..Veronica……Michelle?’ He forgets your name on purpose and he is such an ass, and so funny! I would take french with him again! Btw his rubber ducks…he named them George Bush and Sarah Palin! This class was a good break during the day!”

“BEST TEACHER EVER!! he was sooooo jokes. everyday we would watch stuff on youtube and talk about unfortunate britneys spears. i would take his class again in a heartbeat. such a cool prof! and funny gal.”

Edit: 5 mins later, I’m on my second cup of beer. Rye High!!!! Drinking at school is certainly a novel experience.


There are also free Twizzlers going around but I do not really like licorice.

P.S. I found this article very funny, read the URL and you will go WTF:,18127/

Anyways, the Thousand Years Apparel home base is very much alive in Toronto; I’m at Ryerson and Abi’s reppin’ it at the University of Toronto ~~

You know where to go for your graphic tee fix : D

Me enjoying some quality suds and pretzels in french class

Peace out, one love until next week,


PS. Also check out this rad shelving unit … I don’t know about its practicality though.

lolll shelving fail

P.P.S. There is some dude named Jules-Caesar in my class. How awesome is that? And to think my friend Benjamin Meyerson would have been named after the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II.

Edit: @7:50 PM  i may be a bit tipsy  that was my third cup oh god university and my asian tolerance


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