Work hard, play hard.

Hey people, it’s Abi here!

I guess this is more David’s territory than mine, as he’s the interior-designer-in-training, but WHATEVER. Finders keepers, and I just found this crazy article on 10 of the world’s coolest workplaces.


[Playtime at the Lego headquarters

{Just your average Cartoon Network cubicle}

{An architecture firm in Madrid}

{Quick meeting at Google}



How incredible are those offices!? I want one of those inflatable chairs really badly. I bet those people love to go to work everyday. If my desk looked like that I swear I would be ten times more productive. Unfortunately, my desk is pretty average:


Also, my apologies for the crappy Photobooth pics; my camera is at home and I am too lazy to go get it.

Anyway, I’ll see you guys later.

Much love, Abi

PS. Toronto Crew has been reppin’ for two posts in a row. Step it up, Montreal+London.

PPS. Keep ordering shirts!


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