I want Panda Cheese NOW

These are advertisements for the cheese brand Panda that aired on Egyptian television, and it is hands down the funniest set of commercials I have seen in a very very long time. Simply comedic genius.

I don’t think it’s cheese made out of panda milk, but rather just a brand. I could care less, however.

On a different note, here’s the most recent artist I’ve been diggin’. Man, this Stone’s Throw label is stacked with crazy artists, from Dilla and Aloe Blacc, to guys like this. Check it out:

Speaking of Aloe Blacc again, I’ve recently joined an acapella group called Effusion here in Montreal for beatboxing, and apparently they’re pretty well known both in the city, but also internationally (they tour all over the states)! Turns out they’re opening for an Aloe concert coming up, but I have yet to know if I, one of the newbies, will be performing there or not. Check them out on YouTube, or at their website effusion.ca!



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