Thousand Years of Mixes Part One

Okay I get it lemme I think I guess it’s my turn. Mark here coming to you from a rainy Montreal. For those of you who have checked out our bios on the sexy main website,, you’ll notice that my activities include going to camp, posing and I’m an “aspiring DJ”. Well first off, my friends are assholes. More importantly it’s good to know that even in Uni I can use DJing as a way to not do my homework.

And so this is the first installment in the Thousand Years of Mixes series, which I’ll try and keep updating throughout the year. This first set is half top 40 half techno because that’s what I’ve been listening to recently (wooo being legal!). You can download it here:

Speaking of DJing we gotta give a shout out to Western DJs. We designed them a shirt for frosh week, and they’ve been reppin’ our design on their Facebook.:

Check out their page here!

Other than that life’s been good. If you’re a Montreal club owner, a 13 year old boy (looking for a bar mitzvah DJ) or you just want the freshest graphic tees you’ll ever find, we’re your boys (and Abi).


DJ Buy My T-Shirts aka Mark


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