It’s nothing personal, it’s just businesss

Whatchuuu sayyyinn from London!

Surinder here with some super sick news as to what TYA’s been up to in our westernmost region. The other day during one of my business classes, my professor made me get up on stage and explain to the class what TYA is and what we do. Not only was the class blown away by the dopeness that is Thousand Years, they quickly cleaned out our stack of business cards, and hit up the website IN CLASS. As if that weren’t enough, Nick and I were contacted by a hockey team, two residence floors, and two entire residences in hopes of getting clothing made. WE DO IT BIG IN LONDON!


In other news, as TYA’s gym buff, I’ve been working out with an army corporal that I met at Western and he’s introduced me to a new workout regime call Crossfit. If you’re looking to get built army/fireman styles, check it out:

And finally, I wouldn’t dare end this blog post without paying tribute to one of my favourite imprisoned artists, Lil’ Wayne aka Weezy F Baby aka Weezy F, aka Weezy. Weezy has been serving his criminal arms possession time for the past six and a half months, and is scheduled to be released at some point in November, but not before releasing an album or two.

While in prison on Monday night, Wayne’s mixtape “I am not a human being” was released digitally world-wide, and is only the second rapper to do that since Tupac. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be the best rapper of all time to be the most dedicated, and that’s why we love you Weezy. Check out one of his newest tracks with Drake, “Gonorrhea”

TYA- London ranks this album at about an 7/10, meaning it’s definitely worth a listen, and we’re eagerly anticipating the release of The Carter IV in November.

Mad Love,

Surinder Jaidka


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