Dr. Seuss, Dancing Men, and EUH?

During my Monday evening class…I don’t do work. Not real work, at least. Here’s the result!

1. Most people reading this blog are probably either university students or soon-to-be university students. And we’ve all experienced the childhood joy of Dr. Seuss. But you probably have not experienced Dr. Seuss quite like this:

The whole thing is HILARIOUS and super-well rhymed. Dr. Seuss would be proud. He would also know what they were talking about. According to Wikipedia: “In 1937, while Geisel was returning from an ocean voyage to Europe, the rhythm of the ship’s engines inspired the poem that became his first book… Less fortunately for him, it was rejected almost 30 times.”

Also, I’m a humanities student…FML. Full parody: http://www.collegehumor.com/article:1806240

2. DANCING PIPECLEANER MAN. As you type, you make the pipecleaner guy dance. Frighteningly addictive and a good way to pretend to take notes!


3. Finally, Project EUH?

I can’t say much about this other than to assure you that it is well worth checking out. It’s kind of a series of mini games/activities. I particularly enjoy this one: http://www.project-euh.com/cursors

Basically spent my entire two hour lecture on those and StumbleUpon. Hopefully you are more productive than I am in class.

Love, Abi

PS. Lots of credit to my friend and procrastination-enabler,  Sam!


Childhood Relapse

The fruits of our labour: olives and water

In case you were wondering how TYA Montreal’s celebratory dinner went, it looked something like the above. It was nice to hang out because at Mcgill apparently “midterm” is actually code for “every single week from the end of september until december”. I know I’ve got 3 next week and one tomorrow, but that’s never gonna stop us from posting.

A while ago Nick put up the live action Pokemon trailer which looked awesome but was unfortunately fake. This trailer looks just as good and is hopefully a lot more real: MORTAL KOMBAT REBIRTH. Not only did the original Mortal Kombats define my childhood but this trailer is 8 minutes of pure CGI generated voilence induced bliss. Check it out –

As good as that looks it still can’t compare to Harry Potter 7. Seriously this movie makes me feel like a lame fan girl and I love it. Here’s some behind the scenes footage which has some part two footage:

Hermione – hot or not? Vote in the poll below!

[EDIT: Is there really a question of Emma Watson’s hotness? –Abi]

[Counter-EDIT: Is somebody who drinks underage still beautiful? – Mark]


Big things happening here so please keep checking us out here and if you’re feeling generous, maybe buy a shirt or something.

❤ Mark


Hey guys, Kevin and Mark here doing a joint post!

Here’s some ridiculous news: MONTREAL JUST BROKE EVEN! From here on out, every shirt sold is a gain for us, and we only hope that the other cities are keeping up. We make it big up here in the city:

We’re about to leave for celebratory martinis but before we do, we want to update you guys with our lives (we know you’ve been dying to know all about our personal details). I (Mark) hustled our 20th shirt, the one that broke us even, over the weekend. Here’s the guy we sold it to and I getting ready for our rez’s awesomely stereotypical college toga party. Love you Ahmed!

Guy on the right, THANK YOU

While Mark was Toga-ing it up at Rez, I was away for a little Effusion A Cappella retreat in Picton, Ontario. I had a blast, we had some crazy jam sessions, and was a wholesome bonding experience. The Aloe Blacc concert is approaching, as he’s playing in Montreal on November 16th on St. Laurent. And oh yeah, did I forgot to mention that we’re opening for him? Here’s the event poster (A Cappella is spelled incorrectly):
If you’re in Montreal, hit up this event ASAP on Facebook! Link is here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=110052722391357

Finally, Thousand Years is breaking not only even, but also into the local dance scene. I’ll be repping the company at the MTL Anniversary: Destroy and Rebuild Battle happening on the 13th of November, and so I’ll be pretty busy for the next couple weeks balancing beatboxing, dancing, and studying. Watch out for videos of me repping our shirts hopefully not getting creamed too quickly in this upcoming battle, and I’ll update you guys on how it all went! Mark will be competing too in the White-People-Can’t-Dance category, while I’ll be competing in the popping category. Facebook link here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=100234203370904

Lots of big tings happening, so keep your eyes peeled! ACTUAL new designs coming soon, although our system of introducing new designs will change slightly in the future. So keep your eyes peeled dammit.

Also don’t forget to wear purple tomorrow (see yesterday’s post)!

Off to the bar,

Kevin and Mark

We rep that PURPLE

Hey guys,

So for some reason Western has always been known for one thing: Partying. But despite what most people think, we do get serious and recognize issues that are bigger than us. Today, I was sent one of the most moving videos I’ve ever seen in my life regarding a gay politician and the struggles he faced.

Check it out:

If you weren’t deeply moved by that video, that’s okay, but at the very least I hope you guys realize as much as we do how big of an issue this all is. It’s hard for anyone from TYA to really provide full insight into what it’s like to go through the hardships of being discriminated against for being gay, lesbian, or transgendered, but having friends, teachers, mentors, and family that have gone through similar situations, we know one thing for sure: they’re no different than anyone else. I can personally say, some of the best teachers, friends, and people I’ve ever met happened to be gay, and their sexuality changed nothing. For them to not be able to experience life the same way the rest of us do just because of their orientation is simply ridiculous. Even worse, the number of suicides that occur every year due to homophobic abuse is horrifying, and the abuse is unacceptable.

That’s why this Wednesday we ask people everywhere to please wear purple in memorial of the suicides caused by homophobic abuse. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag, and that’s exactly what we’re asking of you. Show your spirit in the fight against homophobia. Here at Western, our school colour is purple, and we’ve got spirit like no other. Prove us wrong. On Wednesday October 20, 2010, show us that you’ve got just as much spirit, and rock your purple, even if it’s just once. Show any family member, friend, or even that familiar stranger that you’re not just there for support, but so that support isn’t even required.

And in honour of our Purple Pride, because we all love a nice song to bob our head to, I wanted to present a Western Jam that’s plaguing our campus. Written and produced by a Don in Delaware, “White and Purple”

Thanks a bunch guys!

Mad Love,

Surinder Jaidka

Awesome fish, Bieber Punch, and Pro Bro

Hey errbody sorry we’ve been a little inconsistent with posting and such but we’re all cramming for mid terms. However, I’ve got spare time now and I have some interesting stuff from around the interweb to share

First up is a cool video I found about Cuttlefish (I swear it’s more interesting than it sounds). Cuttlefish and some other cephalopods have the amazing ability to make their skin look like practically anything. It’s actually as if their skin was an LCD screen.

If you’re the science type or just found that ability really cool, here’s a 6 minute clip that explains it in better detail and has more cool transformations.

So that covers awesome fish, and now you’re probably wondering what Bieber punch is.



And now for some stuff that’s actually related to our business, I have a new addition to Lil Bro is a Pro!

To give this some context my friend Janice Woo made a shirt a while ago with a super adorable dinosaur on the front. Russell saw it and came up with this:

What do you guys think? Post in the comments if you’d actually like to see this on a shirt!

Anyway that’s all I’ve got to say for now because I have an assignment due tomorrow. I hope you’re all having an easier time than I am 😦




I just found this really funny website called OneUpMe.com.

Every day, a two-part sentence is posted on the website, and users (anyone with a Facebook account) try and one-up the original sentence. The results are pretty hilarious.

Some recent examples:
ORIGINAL: He was like a semi-colon: noncommittal.
1UP: He was like a semi-colon: a sideways glance showed he was usually joking.
ORIGINAL: She was like a walled city: unnecessarily defensive.
1UP: She was like a walled city: you could only get in with a Trojan.

Not only is the site just plain funny, but it also has a cool back-story – it was founded and is still run by Jesse Eisenberg! He’s the guy writing all the sentences! If you are unaware, Jesse Eisenberg is the guy who stars in Adventureland and The Social Network. For some reason they don’t mention the site on his Wikipedia page, but he does mention it in interviews here and here.

ALSO does he not look a LOT like Michael Cera?! They both play the same nerdy, socially awkward character in a lot of their movies. There is an amusing article comparing them here.