I Stole Mark’s Post Idea (MineCraft, the LOL for people who don’t game)

Given that Mark is currently in Ottawa, I figured I would update the blog with a post from the Montreal side of Thousand Years. We’ve lately been swamped with midterms and quizzes and essays and assignments, but somehow we have reserved a bit of time for TYA in our busy lives, and also for a game called MineCraft. Games without objectives are the ones that spawn the coolest shit, and this cool shit eventually ends up on YouTube for everybody to bask in its coolness. The basic premise of MineCraft is basically that of an online LEGO set, with infinite blocks of various textures and functions that you can add together to do anything you want. Some people create houses, some create art, and others create 16-bit computers:

I don’t understand half of what this guy is talking about, but when Mark showed me this we watched all 9 minutes of its genius. No lies, Mark actually put dibs on MineCraft for the next blog post, but ain’t that some shit. Which is actually a line from one of my favourite jams right now, from Mr. Cee-Lo Green (of Gnarls Barkley fame for those less informed). This guy seems to like to lie in the background for the most part and every now and then come out with a song or two that you play like 100 times the first time you hear it. It’s also gleefully vulgar, but in a respectable mo-town sort of way (the video is really cute –BUT THE TYPOGRAPHY VERSION IS BETTER ❤ Abi–):

It seems that lately, a lot of new songs have that mo-town feel to them, and I AM THANKFUL. Mainstream music (sort of) may be saved if this trend keeps up (sorry Abi, I’m not a fan of pop or the top 40). In fact, I was contemplating styling a mo-town or similarly themed party thrown by TYA here at McGill, and am practicing my DJ skills along with Mark (we got him a DJ controller for his birthday that looks super legit, the Numark MixTrack). Anyway, SORRY MARK, I STOLE YOUR POST IDEA!

❤ Kevin + Mark (in spirit)


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