Weekend in Ottawa + GOLDENEYE OH SHIT SON

Re: Kevin’s post

This past weekend I visited Carleton to see one of my good friends. Having not been to Ottawa since I was a chubby little kid it was a great chance to visit our nation’s capital. The weather was perfect and Ottawa is incredibly beautiful. I saw parliament hill, Byward market, bank street and did a whole lot of exploring up and down the canal which runs through the city. Saturday night we went back to Quebec to a place called Hull which locals refer to as “Le Durty” because the whole place is basically a playground for 18 year old university students, it was awesome. Here are some pics of the trip:

I've never felt so patriotic


Apparently Stephen Harper has a secret cat farm behind parliament

Also you know TYA was hustlin in Ottawa because look who ended up buying a shirt:

Yea that’s how we do it.

Finally, here’s something which someone from Carleton showed me. It’s called Gold ‘N’ Fly and it’s a mashup album of rap songs and the soundtrack to the N64 game GoldenEye. RAP AND GOLDENEYE!!! No offense but this puts the Disney mashups to shame. Seriously everybody loves GoldenEye. Here’s some highlights:

If you wanna download the whole album you can grab it here.

Other than that TYA is still going strong. Thank you all for checking out the blog and stay tuned for some big stuff after Thanksgiving!

– Mark


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