Hear you are…

Imagine being able to walk around the city and hear the voices and stories of people who had walked there before you. It would be pretty cool, right? (Also maybe a little creepy, but bear with me.)

Well, if you’ve ever noticed those green, ear-shaped signs on lamp-posts in Toronto or Montreal (or a whole bunch of cities all over the world), that’s exactly what they allow you to do. They’re part of the murmur project, which is an “oral history” documentary project. Basically, the creators of the signs asked people to record their stories. When you see a murmur sign, you can dial the phone number and extension on it, and hear their story!

I spent a day going through the Annex and looking for signs last summer, and trust, it’s really cool to hear other people’s experiences of the places.

Here’s a map of one of the areas they have, and here’s the link to their site:

Happy exploring!


Top image by Andrew Currie licensed under Creative Commons.


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