NEW DESIGN? (Jack Bauer, Midterms, and Turkey)

Whattup from MTL! Mark and I are here just finishing up our final evaluations of the week, and we’re almost done midterms… well, for a while anyway. I just survived the Week of Hell, officially dubbed by me, just now, because I had the most ass schedule ever. Yesterday I had a biology midterm, an anime paper due, and MY FIRST EFFUSION GIG! It also poured like crazy during and after the midterm, which really helped my mood. I then proceeded to stay up until 5:30 in the study room and I ended up falling asleep for two hours until morning, when I had to wake up for my 8:30 class, and then go to my biology lab for three hours, and then write my chem midterm. And now I’m finishing my calculus assignment, but after this I am DONE.

That said, here’s a tentative idea for our newest design (a lot of you guys have been getting antsy, don’t worry, we will provide soon):

What do you guys think?

This weekend is Thanksgiving, and all of TYA will be going back to Toronto to reshuffle stock, and MAKE A NEW VIDEO! Expect a video really REALLY soon. We’re still thinking about the topic, so you’ll have to watch and see! Speaking of our videos, it’s pretty freakin’ cool that two of our videos have hit over 1000 views (kind of like THOUSAND YEARS), which means that our name is getting out there! Keep linxing our videos to your friends to get us into the tens of thousands!

Also, because it’s Thanksgiving, I thought I’d upload a video to commemorate this joyous occasion (it’s always something Japanese… they come up with the greatest shit)!

Jack-u Baw-yah!

We’ll do a blog post altogether this Saturday, so get excited for productiveness! We’re excited to see everyone again, it’s been a while, so hit us all up if you’re in town!

❤ Kevin

PS. Here is a picture of when I was studying at 5:30 in the morning. I fell asleep on the couches and got woken up by a student who thought I was a bum…

Studying hard!


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