Procrastination + Free Movies!

I use this blog as a way to procrastinate.

Whenever I don’t want to do actual work, I think HMMM I SURE COULD DO A BLOG POST TODAY and then I’m able to rationalize trawling around on the Internet for hours, looking for cool things to post about.

YAY for TYA allowing me to put off work! But strangely, I’ve also come across THREE different videos about procrastination in the past couple of weeks. You’d think I’d have learned my lesson, but I’m writing this right now, so clearly not.

Anyway, here they are! They’re actually SO COOL and I advise that whether you are trying to avoid work or not, you watch them.

1. In which things are animated in a zillion different ways:

2. In which a guy is extremely productive, just not on his paper:

3. In which someone has trouble getting started:

Click here! (It can’t be embedded.)

The last link will take you to the National Film Board’s website. The NFB is a government agency which helps Canadian filmmakers make movies! Since, we’re all Canadian taxpayers (ie. WE pay for these movies to get made), they’re all available to watch for free right on their website, and there’s a lot of cool stuff there to explore, so check it out!


PS. We’re all back at our respective schools now, so keep buying shirts!


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