We rep that PURPLE

Hey guys,

So for some reason Western has always been known for one thing: Partying. But despite what most people think, we do get serious and recognize issues that are bigger than us. Today, I was sent one of the most moving videos I’ve ever seen in my life regarding a gay politician and the struggles he faced.

Check it out:

If you weren’t deeply moved by that video, that’s okay, but at the very least I hope you guys realize as much as we do how big of an issue this all is. It’s hard for anyone from TYA to really provide full insight into what it’s like to go through the hardships of being discriminated against for being gay, lesbian, or transgendered, but having friends, teachers, mentors, and family that have gone through similar situations, we know one thing for sure: they’re no different than anyone else. I can personally say, some of the best teachers, friends, and people I’ve ever met happened to be gay, and their sexuality changed nothing. For them to not be able to experience life the same way the rest of us do just because of their orientation is simply ridiculous. Even worse, the number of suicides that occur every year due to homophobic abuse is horrifying, and the abuse is unacceptable.

That’s why this Wednesday we ask people everywhere to please wear purple in memorial of the suicides caused by homophobic abuse. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag, and that’s exactly what we’re asking of you. Show your spirit in the fight against homophobia. Here at Western, our school colour is purple, and we’ve got spirit like no other. Prove us wrong. On Wednesday October 20, 2010, show us that you’ve got just as much spirit, and rock your purple, even if it’s just once. Show any family member, friend, or even that familiar stranger that you’re not just there for support, but so that support isn’t even required.

And in honour of our Purple Pride, because we all love a nice song to bob our head to, I wanted to present a Western Jam that’s plaguing our campus. Written and produced by a Don in Delaware, “White and Purple”

Thanks a bunch guys!

Mad Love,

Surinder Jaidka


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