Hey guys, Kevin and Mark here doing a joint post!

Here’s some ridiculous news: MONTREAL JUST BROKE EVEN! From here on out, every shirt sold is a gain for us, and we only hope that the other cities are keeping up. We make it big up here in the city:

We’re about to leave for celebratory martinis but before we do, we want to update you guys with our lives (we know you’ve been dying to know all about our personal details). I (Mark) hustled our 20th shirt, the one that broke us even, over the weekend. Here’s the guy we sold it to and I getting ready for our rez’s awesomely stereotypical college toga party. Love you Ahmed!

Guy on the right, THANK YOU

While Mark was Toga-ing it up at Rez, I was away for a little Effusion A Cappella retreat in Picton, Ontario. I had a blast, we had some crazy jam sessions, and was a wholesome bonding experience. The Aloe Blacc concert is approaching, as he’s playing in Montreal on November 16th on St. Laurent. And oh yeah, did I forgot to mention that we’re opening for him? Here’s the event poster (A Cappella is spelled incorrectly):
If you’re in Montreal, hit up this event ASAP on Facebook! Link is here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=110052722391357

Finally, Thousand Years is breaking not only even, but also into the local dance scene. I’ll be repping the company at the MTL Anniversary: Destroy and Rebuild Battle happening on the 13th of November, and so I’ll be pretty busy for the next couple weeks balancing beatboxing, dancing, and studying. Watch out for videos of me repping our shirts hopefully not getting creamed too quickly in this upcoming battle, and I’ll update you guys on how it all went! Mark will be competing too in the White-People-Can’t-Dance category, while I’ll be competing in the popping category. Facebook link here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=100234203370904

Lots of big tings happening, so keep your eyes peeled! ACTUAL new designs coming soon, although our system of introducing new designs will change slightly in the future. So keep your eyes peeled dammit.

Also don’t forget to wear purple tomorrow (see yesterday’s post)!

Off to the bar,

Kevin and Mark



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