Childhood Relapse

The fruits of our labour: olives and water

In case you were wondering how TYA Montreal’s celebratory dinner went, it looked something like the above. It was nice to hang out because at Mcgill apparently “midterm” is actually code for “every single week from the end of september until december”. I know I’ve got 3 next week and one tomorrow, but that’s never gonna stop us from posting.

A while ago Nick put up the live action Pokemon trailer which looked awesome but was unfortunately fake. This trailer looks just as good and is hopefully a lot more real: MORTAL KOMBAT REBIRTH. Not only did the original Mortal Kombats define my childhood but this trailer is 8 minutes of pure CGI generated voilence induced bliss. Check it out –

As good as that looks it still can’t compare to Harry Potter 7. Seriously this movie makes me feel like a lame fan girl and I love it. Here’s some behind the scenes footage which has some part two footage:

Hermione – hot or not? Vote in the poll below!

[EDIT: Is there really a question of Emma Watson’s hotness? –Abi]

[Counter-EDIT: Is somebody who drinks underage still beautiful? – Mark]


Big things happening here so please keep checking us out here and if you’re feeling generous, maybe buy a shirt or something.

❤ Mark


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