Dr. Seuss, Dancing Men, and EUH?

During my Monday evening class…I don’t do work. Not real work, at least. Here’s the result!

1. Most people reading this blog are probably either university students or soon-to-be university students. And we’ve all experienced the childhood joy of Dr. Seuss. But you probably have not experienced Dr. Seuss quite like this:

The whole thing is HILARIOUS and super-well rhymed. Dr. Seuss would be proud. He would also know what they were talking about. According to Wikipedia: “In 1937, while Geisel was returning from an ocean voyage to Europe, the rhythm of the ship’s engines inspired the poem that became his first book… Less fortunately for him, it was rejected almost 30 times.”

Also, I’m a humanities student…FML. Full parody: http://www.collegehumor.com/article:1806240

2. DANCING PIPECLEANER MAN. As you type, you make the pipecleaner guy dance. Frighteningly addictive and a good way to pretend to take notes!


3. Finally, Project EUH?

I can’t say much about this other than to assure you that it is well worth checking out. It’s kind of a series of mini games/activities. I particularly enjoy this one: http://www.project-euh.com/cursors

Basically spent my entire two hour lecture on those and StumbleUpon. Hopefully you are more productive than I am in class.

Love, Abi

PS. Lots of credit to my friend and procrastination-enabler,  Sam!


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