We Suck.

It’s true. We really do. It’s been over a week and our blog has been as empty as the last 3 pages of my linguistics exam (seriously that shit is impossible). Whats been going on this past week that’s made us suck? HALLOWEEN. I love halloween, it’s one of my favourite holidays (sorry Yom Kippur) and it was crazy here in Montreal. I decided to dress up as a fireman and I think I did pretty well. Here’s me in my costume looking all serious:

Freshman 15 has really taken its toll I know. Not only was it Halloween it was also Surinder’s birthday this past Monday, November 1st. Congrats to our boy for turning the big one eight. Of course this now means that if (read: when) he commits a felony he’ll be charged as an adult, so its only fitting for us to release our NEW limited edition TYA design:

Ok, maybe not. In all seriousness we’ve really appreciated the support we’ve been getting on our blog so and we’re going to resume posting regularly, pinky swear. We’re all in Toronto this weekend for our high school grad so in between bouts of nostalgia and smash bros we’ll be cooking up some exciting stuff that may start in v and rhyme with checks, but who knows? Until then please keep checking out our video and buying up our tees.

On behalf of all of TYA we ❤ you

– Mark


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