I apologize for my 2 – 3 week absence from the blog but here is something funny :

OK remember in my previous post when i was plied with beer in my French class?

It happened again.

So there was this really cool oral presentation going on about ‘chessboxing‘, which if you are unaware is a hybrid sport combining chess and boxing in alternate rounds.


Apparently the concept originated from a French comic strip which was brought to life by a Dutch artist.

Anyways, I had not eaten all day and suddenly we were offered red party cups with a chess piece attached to them.

No lie, seriously. I was a bishop. And also asking for numerous rounds of beer.

Sadly the beer, supposedly the official French beer, tasted like ass, but I am a starving college student and of course cannot refuse the offer of some beer and Toblerones as they made up my sustenance for the entire day.

It is 7: 14 and I am slightly buzzed.

This is how I party I guess.

We go hard. RYE HIGH!!




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