Your Mom.

Mark here keeping you updated on Montreal life for Kevin and I. More importantly today is my mom’s birthday so…


Here’s a pic I got when I googled imaged her name. I’m as confused as you are:

If there is one thing TYA stands behind it’s loving your mothers. And we’re not alone in this venture, remember the Dick in a Box guys? No, I didn’t get my mom that for her birthday you perverts. They came out with a follow up to their first video, this one is called Mother Lover and you can check it out here (sorry bout the quality):

Tomorrow Kevin will be entering his first popping battle here so be sure to stay posted because we’ll try and get some videos of his impending victory up soonish.Tonight I’m going to be classin’ it up at the Mcgill Opera for my music history course, time to suit up!

If you want to really show your mom how much she means to you, why not buy her a TYA shirt? Or atleast give her a hug.

Happy Birthday Mom!

❤ Mark


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