All day, Err’day

FIRST AND FOREMOST WE WANT TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE CUTEST MEMBER OF TYA – ABIGAIL FERSTMAN. We love you Abi, we’re glad you’re one of us, and we wouldn’t trade you for the world. We hope you had an amazing 18th birthday, and we’re looking forward to celebrating with you in Montreal on the weekend of the 26th (yes it’s official, if you’re in town, holla at your fam).


In Montreal, TYA will also be discussing a new line (possibly v-necks?), so stay tuned.

On to the next topic of importance, Girl Talk has done it again. Releasing his new album, “All day” today, it doesn’t require more than 5 minutes listen to know that this album will guaranteed be playing on your ipod’s for the next couple months (maybe more, considering I still like Feed The Animals). However, as good as it is, I can’t help but wonder if it’s as good as his old albums. I remember the craziness that came with Feed the Animals, and for some reason I didn’t get that same vibe from this one. It’s really good, but great? I don’t know yet.

But, on the topic of greatness, it’d be pretty sad if we didn’t acknowledge two other recent album releases in the hip hop world. Over the past couple weeks, both Kanye West and Kid Cudi both released their own albums, and both lived up to the hype that came with their release. It’s kind of hard to say which one I liked better, but they’re both definitely worth a listen. Here’s a couple tracks I liked off both-

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – “Gorgeous” – Kanye West feat. Raekwon, Kid Cudi

Man on the Moon 2 – “Ashin Kusher” – Kid Cudi

Aaand last but not least, big ups to our boy Kevin Lee who competed at a popping competition in Montreal last week. Our boy did really well, and should have gone pretty far, but was unfortunately knocked out by a half decent opponent. Check it out –

That’s it for now, from all of us in London, be safe, don’t do danger, and we’ll be back for more later!


Surinder Jaidka


2 thoughts on “All day, Err’day

    so original, wishing you happy birthday on your blog!!!

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