Lately Thousand Years has been doin’ it big in Montreal, reppin’ harder than… well, there’s no good analogy for this. HARD. Firstly, big ups once again to our one (and only) girl, Jigga-gail Ferstman for turning legal in more than one way! When TYA meets up in Montreal in a week and a bit, you know we’ll be rocking out.

Secondly, we’re starting to get a lot of props up here in this frenchy city. I competed at my first popping battle in MTL (shoutouts to Bboy Afternoon for organizing the Destroy and Rebuild: MTL Bboying 5th Anniversary jam) on Saturday, footage of which can be seen on our YouTube channel, and props also to my boyz from the Raw Kingz crew for getting all the way to the semi-finals out of 30 crews in bboying! I suspect that the only reason I lost (it was crowd judged) was because I had my Thousand Years shirt underneath my McGill sweater, and so the crowd was not as wowed by me as they could have been. Props also go out to Fw for bringing it sick in my first battle, so respect to him! I’ll definitely rep hard next battle, and here’s a snippet of the Raw Kingz prelim round:

Thirdly, Thousand Years may be able to rep at this huge talent show in which they advertise our business and we sell our shirts at the event, with me participating in the show as well! I auditioned last Friday and did a beatbox and popping routine (at the same time), and not only did they really like what I did there, they were enthused with the fact that I ran my own business. I brought a sample shirt to show them, and handed out a few business cards, and they mentioned even setting up an entire corner of their rented out space just for us to sell. We may also be handling their official event shirts, so I’ll definitely update you guys on everything that goes down!

Hosted by the McGill Entrepreneur's Society, which explains their interest in Thousand Years Apparel

Last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, THOUSAND YEARS APPAREL WAS ON TV! As you all know, I’m part of an a capella group called Effusion (go to, click on Members, and read my profile!) and we recently had 2 TV spots, one for Global and one for CTV. However, CTV managed to film us during rehearsal, in which I strategically wore a fresh lime Octocream as I knew there would be cameras there that day. And what do we have? WE HAVE THOUSAND YEARS APPAREL ON TELEVISION. Here’s a screenshot of the actual video (which is unembeddable as it’s hosted on the CTV website), but if you follow the link and look under the CTV News Video Player at the November 13 entry titled “Gleeks in Montreal”, you might be able to catch a glimpse me and the shirt at around the 1 minute mark (and one of just me after that). Here’s a screenshot (link here:

Can you spot the Octocream?

Okay so the shirt is not in full view. SO WHAT. The point is we can officially say that we were on CTV. WE REP HARD IN MONTREAL SO THAT THE OTHER CITIES HAVE SOMETHING TO AIM FOR!

See you next time mes amis,

Kevin and Mark



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