iPod Watch, Thrift Shopping, and I Got an Air Freshener!

Yo guys, December will be here soon so  it’s almost time to start thinking about Christmas Shopping, especially if you’re doing that early Secret Santa business.

First up, there’s a cool website called Kick Starter. The idea here is that people with cool ideas can get others to pledge a certain amount of money towards their idea.  If they reach enough funds by a predetermined time, they can afford to put their idea into production and send out their shipments by another predetermined time.  A pretty cool idea that came up was the Tik Tok/LunaTik, basically a watchband for the newest iPod.


The maker was hoping for $15, 000 in a month but now has over $45, 000 in hardly a day. It may not be the most groundbreaking piece of technology in the world but it accomplishes a few goals: 1) It looks aaawweeesssooommmeee 2) It’s not expensive 3) Makes fumbling with your iPod in your pocket a thing of the past, which is especially useful with the new touch screens, where you can’t guess what button you’re pressing by feeling around.

On a more general theme of Christmas shopping, Life Hacker has a nifty chart about the best time to buy certain things (i.e. when you’ll get it cheapest)


Know anyone getting married? Wedding dresses will be on sale soon apparently! Seriously though it’s cool.

And the last bit of the title? Surinder and I got an air freshener for our room. It smells like Vanilla Passion 24/7. It is freaking awesome. People walk in and out and ask “oh hey guys what smells like cake and marshmallows?” and we say “It’s Vanilla Passion assholes”

Our room went from smelling like this:


I don't mind either that much, actually

to this:

Niiiicckkk Haaasssaaannnnn


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