Nicki Minaj + TYA Gets Celebrity Endorsement + Kevin and Mark are Musical

I love Nicki Minaj. I love her more than words can describe. I love her more than Mark Krass does. Today her debut album finally drops and if you haven’t grabbed it already you definitely should because from what I’ve heard so far its been worth the wait. These two tracks are my favourites so far:

Roman’s Revenge ft Eminem:

Check it Out ft.

In TYA Montreal news we had our first celebrity encounter last week when Kevin and I met Aloe Blacc. I tried to give him a business card to see if he’d rep TYA and buy a shirt but he ended up just signing it instead. Oops. On the bright side we got these:

awkward smiles all around

"You want me to make it out to a thousand whats??"

Here’s some footage from the concert of Aloe playing one of his more famous songs “I Need A Dollar “. I didn’t take it but I’m pretty sure you can see the ridikulus back of my head:

Kevin and I were also making our own beautiful music this past weekend. On Sunday night Kevin’s acapella band Effusion had its fall concert and I have read nothing but glowing reviews from creeping Kevin’s facebook wall. Meanwhile I was up the mountain playing at the Molson Coffeehouse and shamelessly plugging TYA all the while.

For the next little while we’re both enjoying the calm before the storm that is final exams here at Mcgill. And don’t worry, we’re still cooking up those rad new designs you’ve been asking for so keep an eye out in the future. Until then I leave you with a quote from my dearest Nicki:

“Bitch be mad because I took the spot/ Bitch if you ain’t shittin’ get off the pot!”

Simply genius.

❤ Mark



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