Montreal trip!

This weekend, I went to Montreal to visit all my friends at McGill, including, of course, Mark and Kevin. I had an amazing time, and it was super nice to see everybody. Also I saw the Aloe Blacc-signed TYA card in person, which, I did not realize earlier, is signed with a heart and a happy face!! So cute!

Of course I couldn’t go to Montreal without also visiting Ferix Ri (as seen here and in the comments!) and while at his residence, we discovered a bunch of stuff that had us literally LOL-ing on his couch.

We encountered this new white-out campaign which is incredibly elaborate for what is basically an eraser.
Anyway, watch the video, make a choice when they give you options at the end, then type whatever you want into the whited-out box that will appear in the title. Amusement ensues. You can even put in gibberish; no matter what you type, something enjoyable will appear.

2. And speaking of bears…

That’s a pic from ( Exactly what it sounds like, and HILARIOUS.
Another great one:

3. Speaking of Quebec here is a ridiculously fatty video about a sandwich that has POUTINE INSIDE IT. It reminded me a bit of the late, great Double Down (click here if you are ignorant of this piece of history). It’s like something from This Is Why You’re Fat but ABOVE AND BEYOND.

Also if haven’t experienced ThisIsWhyYou’, you’re missing out. Click and salivate/barf.


xoxo Abi


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