We’ll keep this one short and sweet. Thanks for all the support in 2010 and we hope you have a New Years Eve as amazing as you are. Looking forward to a big 2011!

Much Love,

Thousand Years


PS: This video is really funny in any state you’ll be in tonight:



Thanks to everyone who voted on Facebook for the new designs and gave us feedback : )

The final results are in!

Lehmon- 60
Beam Me Up- 59
Robotica- 46
Vector- 39
Lamps on Lamps- 38
Upset Stomach- 36

Thanks to you, we’ll be printing LEHMON, BEAM ME UP, and ROBOTICA.

We’ll be changing up colours and making some design modifications so stay tuned for the final versions. ALSO, Beam Me Up will be printed on a v-neck shirt!

Here are the winning designs! Get excited!




Hope you’re all having a great break so far!


PS. Old designs are only $20 so buy them up fast!


From all of us here at TYA, a very merry Christmas to everyone!

But what’s Christmas without presents?

Our gift to you: NEW DESIGNS!

Vote by “liking” your favourites, and the top 3 will get printed. Everyone who votes will be entered to win a free shirt!


Vote ends tomorrow at midnight so GO GO GO.

Remember the Chanukah Zebra from this post? Now introducing…the Christmas Zebra. Swing from clouds, capture cookies, avoid exploding puddings! Basically the best X-mas game of all time. Play it here.

This song just makes me happy:


Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before christmas and all through the house

the TYA crew was stirring, each clicking their mouse

The new designs were posted on facebook with care

In hopes that voters would find them there.


With V-necks and crew necks for you to choose

why not check them out, there’s nothing to lose.

Simply ‘like’ the designs you see displayed

the 3 best liked will be the ones made!






The New Design Countdown Begins + Christmas

Hello winterbreak! Yesterday TYA had another one of our many udon fueled meetings to put the finishing touches on our new line. And yes, we know we’ve been saying these new designs have been on their way for a month but this time we’re very serious about it.


There you go now its official. While our sleep deprived design team (yes, we have a design team) is busy putting the finishing touches on the new stuff the rest of us have been enjoying the holiday season. Our boy Mayer Hawthorne released a super smooth Christmas jam yesterday. His comment on the song was this:

“Happy Holidays everyone, All the best Christmas songs were written by Jews, and Chanukah songs suck. This is my favorite Christmas tune, sung over the Vince Guaraldi instrumental.

Cheers, Mayer Hawthorne”

Keep checking up with us because as Christmas approaches we’ll start releasing more stuff.

Until then happy holidays from our big happy TYA family

NEW DESIGNS (for real this time) + QWOP + FlyLo + New Music!

It’s been a while since I posted, but I bring to you today the very best of my travels around the interwebz.  I also have a few updates for y’all, so please read to the end for a sneak preview of the new designs coming out next Friday! First, the necessary music segment:

Hopefully you’ve heard of Flying Lotus, or FlyLo, a pretty trippy and experimental producer (of HEAVY headbangin’ beats). Here’s a new video released by Adult Swim (who often blasts his music during bumps), an acid trip visualization of his song Zodiac Sh*t:

You know that I’ve been really feeling the recent soul and R&B comeback with Aloe and Cee-Lo’s albums, and here’s a little gem I found from industry veteran Eric Benet (Halle Berry’s ex-husband). It’s quite the soulful track, as he really pours his heart out in this one titled “Sometimes I Cry”:

Finally, there’s Jaheim, who you may recognize in Nelly’s song “My Place” as the chorus singer. He released a new album and I have to say, it’s AMAZING and quite grown-up compared to his old material. Check out more songs in his new album for sure!

Now time for the time-wasters. Having finished my last exam mere hours ago, I feel it’s necessary to unleash this force of procrastinating evil upon you lesser mortals who are still mired in studying hell. This evil is the hilariously frustrating and deceptively simple game QWOP. All it entails is 4 buttons, in which you control the left/right calf/thigh and you must coordinate them together to make the track star run distances.

Here’s a helpful hint: W and O together make one leg move, and Q and P make the other one move. Now please enjoy responsibly: http://www.foddy.net/Athletics.html

My friend and fellow Effusion bass member Theo Ephraim recently showed me this cool cause called Buy This Satellite in which you purchase a satellite and use it to give internet access in all its glory to those less-fortunate, to provide unbiased information, knowledge, and build the groundwork for social change.

Read more at his blog here: http://theoephraim.com/2010/12/buythissatellite/ or just go straight to the source: http://buythissatellite.org! See what you can do!

Finally, what you guys have long been waiting for: NEW DESIGNS.  The actual ones will be coming out next Friday, and you guys will get to select the top 2 designs for us to produce, plus 1 runner-up. Without further ado, here’s a sneak preview of the doodle sheet that I used to spawn some cool ideas:

Potential new designs?

Get excited as we’ll have the designs to choose from out by next Friday! Tell your friends to join the Facebook group and vote! Mark and I will be heading back to Toronto this weekend, and TYA will be getting together to ham it up once more at Manpuku for the HOLIDAYS!

Love, Kevin


Sorry we’ve all kind of been MIA recently but exams are unfortunately upon us. While the stronger among us turn to the books we lesser beings turn into caffeine fueled semi-nocturnal procrastination machines. Some may feel guilty about spending precious study hours on useless distractions but I say embrace it, you’ve earned that 4 hour study break. So treat yourself to some well deserved internet distractions brought to you by the fine folks at TYA:

For the procrastinator in denial the site musictouse.com is great for finding instrumental tracks that you can work along to. You can set the genre and mood and out pops a list of tracks you can stream or download. I personally like the electronica setting coupled with moving the slider to ‘positive’ and ‘relaxed’. Check it out by clicking here.

If you’re looking for a great way to waste time and make music this site is for you. It’s a really cool sequencer program where you can make music that looks and sounds like this:

Of course music isn’t for everybody. But Kim Jong-Il is. This tumblr is probably one of the funniest I’ve ever seen, ever. Going by the name kim jong-il looking at things it is hilarious.  I love the look on his face

looking at corn

Finally Ted.com is for the procrastinator looking to broaden their horizons. These interesting videos cover topics ranging from psychology to human rights to technological innovations. And the whole thing feels vaguely studious so it still counts as studying…kinda. Below is a great starter vid for a first time TED viewers about how school kills creativity, sounds like a good reason not to work to me:

In TYA news the whole gang will be reunited within a week back in Toronto, so if you’re around come holla. Until then we hope these links will help you succeed in your quest to not succeed in school. Good luck on exams and remember Kim Jong-Il may be watching you:

Happy Holidays.