Sorry we’ve all kind of been MIA recently but exams are unfortunately upon us. While the stronger among us turn to the books we lesser beings turn into caffeine fueled semi-nocturnal procrastination machines. Some may feel guilty about spending precious study hours on useless distractions but I say embrace it, you’ve earned that 4 hour study break. So treat yourself to some well deserved internet distractions brought to you by the fine folks at TYA:

For the procrastinator in denial the site musictouse.com is great for finding instrumental tracks that you can work along to. You can set the genre and mood and out pops a list of tracks you can stream or download. I personally like the electronica setting coupled with moving the slider to ‘positive’ and ‘relaxed’. Check it out by clicking here.

If you’re looking for a great way to waste time and make music this site is for you. It’s a really cool sequencer program where you can make music that looks and sounds like this:

Of course music isn’t for everybody. But Kim Jong-Il is. This tumblr is probably one of the funniest I’ve ever seen, ever. Going by the name kim jong-il looking at things it is hilarious.  I love the look on his face

looking at corn

Finally Ted.com is for the procrastinator looking to broaden their horizons. These interesting videos cover topics ranging from psychology to human rights to technological innovations. And the whole thing feels vaguely studious so it still counts as studying…kinda. Below is a great starter vid for a first time TED viewers about how school kills creativity, sounds like a good reason not to work to me:

In TYA news the whole gang will be reunited within a week back in Toronto, so if you’re around come holla. Until then we hope these links will help you succeed in your quest to not succeed in school. Good luck on exams and remember Kim Jong-Il may be watching you:

Happy Holidays.



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