NEW DESIGNS (for real this time) + QWOP + FlyLo + New Music!

It’s been a while since I posted, but I bring to you today the very best of my travels around the interwebz.  I also have a few updates for y’all, so please read to the end for a sneak preview of the new designs coming out next Friday! First, the necessary music segment:

Hopefully you’ve heard of Flying Lotus, or FlyLo, a pretty trippy and experimental producer (of HEAVY headbangin’ beats). Here’s a new video released by Adult Swim (who often blasts his music during bumps), an acid trip visualization of his song Zodiac Sh*t:

You know that I’ve been really feeling the recent soul and R&B comeback with Aloe and Cee-Lo’s albums, and here’s a little gem I found from industry veteran Eric Benet (Halle Berry’s ex-husband). It’s quite the soulful track, as he really pours his heart out in this one titled “Sometimes I Cry”:

Finally, there’s Jaheim, who you may recognize in Nelly’s song “My Place” as the chorus singer. He released a new album and I have to say, it’s AMAZING and quite grown-up compared to his old material. Check out more songs in his new album for sure!

Now time for the time-wasters. Having finished my last exam mere hours ago, I feel it’s necessary to unleash this force of procrastinating evil upon you lesser mortals who are still mired in studying hell. This evil is the hilariously frustrating and deceptively simple game QWOP. All it entails is 4 buttons, in which you control the left/right calf/thigh and you must coordinate them together to make the track star run distances.

Here’s a helpful hint: W and O together make one leg move, and Q and P make the other one move. Now please enjoy responsibly:

My friend and fellow Effusion bass member Theo Ephraim recently showed me this cool cause called Buy This Satellite in which you purchase a satellite and use it to give internet access in all its glory to those less-fortunate, to provide unbiased information, knowledge, and build the groundwork for social change.

Read more at his blog here: or just go straight to the source:! See what you can do!

Finally, what you guys have long been waiting for: NEW DESIGNS.  The actual ones will be coming out next Friday, and you guys will get to select the top 2 designs for us to produce, plus 1 runner-up. Without further ado, here’s a sneak preview of the doodle sheet that I used to spawn some cool ideas:

Potential new designs?

Get excited as we’ll have the designs to choose from out by next Friday! Tell your friends to join the Facebook group and vote! Mark and I will be heading back to Toronto this weekend, and TYA will be getting together to ham it up once more at Manpuku for the HOLIDAYS!

Love, Kevin


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