The New Design Countdown Begins + Christmas

Hello winterbreak! Yesterday TYA had another one of our many udon fueled meetings to put the finishing touches on our new line. And yes, we know we’ve been saying these new designs have been on their way for a month but this time we’re very serious about it.


There you go now its official. While our sleep deprived design team (yes, we have a design team) is busy putting the finishing touches on the new stuff the rest of us have been enjoying the holiday season. Our boy Mayer Hawthorne released a super smooth Christmas jam yesterday. His comment on the song was this:

“Happy Holidays everyone, All the best Christmas songs were written by Jews, and Chanukah songs suck. This is my favorite Christmas tune, sung over the Vince Guaraldi instrumental.

Cheers, Mayer Hawthorne”

Keep checking up with us because as Christmas approaches we’ll start releasing more stuff.

Until then happy holidays from our big happy TYA family


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