New month… NEW DESIGNS!

It’s been awhile, and we apologize profusely for our absence. School, midterms, homework. It all gets in the way sometimes, you know.

But as we enter into a new month, we’ve finally got some news – THE NEW ORDERS WENT IN TODAY!

That’s right, those Top 3 designs are now in the hands of Hardboiled Inc., waiting to be turned into fresh and styling Thousand Years apparel.

We’ve got other things coming too – showcases at a couple of McGill events and some exclusive designs which we’ll be sure to blog about.

In personal news, the TYA family gets closer every day as Surinder and Nick sign their lease to live together next year, Mark and Kevin search for an apartment, and David and I just crash with each other when our own rooms get too boring (…or vomit-stained).

Now for your enjoyment, here is this amazingly feel-good song:

I don’t care if Bruno Mars is being charged with cocaine possession, this boy is so cute and his songs are so catchy I just want to marry HIM. BONUS: He is half-Filipino!!

Also if you haven’t heard it yet, here’s the 2010 DJ Earworm mix, which you can download here:

LOVE (And keep checking to find out when the shirts arrive!!),



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