Super Bowl Goodies

Probably shouldn't have had so much cheese...

Yes, our hot new t-shirts are on their way. And yes, they’ll be out by reading week.  But enough about us, how are you? What’ve you been up to? Did you watch the Superbowl? Yesterday’s game was not only one of the best I’ve seen but the commercials were also especially funny. If you haven’t seen any yet you can get a full list of them here. Of course whats the point of even being here if we don’t provide you with the official: TYA TOP FIVE COMMERCIALS OF XLV:

1) Coming in at 2 minutes this one is some serious gangsta ish:

2) Cheesy and hilarious:

3) Another awesome car commercial:

4) Beer and Football, match made in heaven:

5) Even without Megan Fox this looks good:

The official run up is this Coke commercial that actually makes no sense and probably cost too much money:

Good luck on your midterms, keep warm and stay sexy

❤ Mark

PS: Kevin’s in a talent show on Friday so I thought this was appropriate:


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