My Funny Valentine

WOW so sorry this Valetine’s post is coming out so late. I was really busy all day and I had a hot date, so you know how it is 😉

Edit: This is Nick’s roommate Surinder. He was doing chemistry all day and then played some League of Legends. There was no date.

Anyway, I’m free now and we’ve got some cool things to show you

First we’ve got, a collection of spoof greeting cards. If you want to check out the most romantic ones they have take a look at Valentine’s Day’s most sent:

You should send them to your significant other probably because it’d be really nice maybe!

Ran out of ideas for a romantic Valentine’s meal? EPIC MEAL TIME DESTROYS VALETINES

But if Valetine’s Day and all that mushy stuff gets you sick, then I wish you a happy Singles Awareness Day! (SAD) There’s so much unnecessary hype around Valentine’s Day, it’s just a day like any other really. So here’s some Valentine’s comedy to help you forget.

So for those who are in a relationship, have a great night and make sure to always show how much you love your significant other all 365 days, not just one. For the swinging singles, cheer up, you have 365 more days until you have to deal with this again. Besides, it’s not like you’ll be 


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