Keeping up with what Surinder was writing about yesterday a friend of mine put me on to this group from California. If you thought it was awesome that six 18 year olds could start a clothing company than behold Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, or abbreviated OFWGKTA. This 11 person group are all around our age and are making a big impact in the rap scene. They recently had their TV debut on the Jimmy Fallon show which you can check out here.

These guys have been described as lo-fi and horrorcore but you’re probably better off just watching for yourself:

Not really for everybody but definitely a group to keep an eye on in the future. If you wanna download their mixtapes you can check out their site.

In TYA news the new shirts are finally out and model photos are making their way to the internet very soon. If you’d like a shirt send us an email with your order. In the meantime hopefully this can tide you over:

Not bad eh?

❤ Mark

EDIT: This song is really good and also more accessible:


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