Adult Wii Games and Coke Truck fills me with Glee (except only the truck)

Wow. WOW. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. I can’t even believe this. Who would – Where do you – When did – just look at it.

Right? RIGHT? THIS HAS BEEN APPROVED FOR TWELVE YEAR OLDS. Seriously, I’m not some big prude who thinks “oh no this will corrupt our children into a generation of sexual deviants,” but this is just a weird idea in general. I can understand teens and young adults using this with the hope of moving from virtual to reality at a party or something, but imagine you had a a brother/sister in grade 6 and you bought this for them. I don’t even care if my little brother goes around humping his friends in his own time, in fact kudos to him if that’s the case, but there’s something just strange about walking into my living room to find him and his friends (who probably just figured out that “Wizard’s Sleeve” is not a Harry Potter reference) spanking, dry humping, and strip teasing like I might at the club.

And you know that kids don’t care about ratings. Sometimes you can stop a 10 year old from playing games that are rated M for mature, but if you tell your kid that they can’t play a game, not because it’s too violent or scary, but because you have to hit someone else on the butt, they’re going to take that pent up repression and do drugs or get pregnant or whatever else 10 year olds do now. And those are just 10 year olds for god’s sake. Forget grade 6 now you’ve got kids in grade 4 doing the dirty.

Well enough about that, lets move onto some happy things. For the Glee fans out there, the show is coming out with two ORIGINAL songs, which I think is pretty cool. After two seasons of covers (most of which I think were improvements or at least comparable to the original), the show is going to take its all-star cast and take the next big-step into song writing. In fact, the songs have actually been leaked as singles despite the episode not having come out yet.


(Personally I like the first one better and think it’s really catchy, but decide for yourself)

The final thing that perked my interest is this neat Coke campaign. As a product, I’ve always liked Coke way more than Pepsi because of these cute, creative ads they make, compared to the bland Pepsi ones that usually just bash Coke (although as companies, I’ve heard sketchy things about Coke). I feel fairly confident that at least one of these happened for real and the whole event was filmed with a hidden camera.

You can check out other similar ones in related videos.

That’s everything folks. To sum up this post, Glee looks good, Coke is fun (the drink), and don’t spank your kids more than you have to.


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