Crazy French People! (music + insane popping)

To break a little bit from the hardcore rap we’ve been blogging about lately, I wanted to provide y’all with some culture. While we North Americans view French people with a certain bias, we also grossly overlook some of the most amazing artists that they keep at bay there. To begin with, probably one of the most talented hip hop groups out there both in terms of the sheer quality of their music (with REAL INSTRUMENTS!!!!!!111) and also in their expert coordination as a collective, Hocus Pocus has really been breaking ground internationally. Not only that, but their videos are like Kanye’s coolest videos on MDMA, and in French. They recently dropped their latest album, 16 Pieces, and it’s a lot like a JT album: EVERY SINGLE TRACK IS SOLID GOLD. Here are a few gems (acoustic or otherwise) that I’ve collected for y’all –

Another artist that’s been making waves internationally also hailing from the butter-filled land of France is Ben L’Oncle Soul. Now he’s already a household name on most music blogs, but I honestly think he’s worth mentioning again. And again. And again. He’s like a blend of Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield…. anyone who’s anyone in Motown, and he’s bringing Motown back to the forefront with his album full of originals and soul covers of Aqua’s Barbie Girl, or the Spice Girls, etc. etc. etc.

PHEW. I’ve been saving these rolla’s up for a while so it explains the YouTube vomit that I just did. Finally, though he’s not french… I just thought this was one of the coolest popping videos I’ve seen in a while. Boogie Frantick is pretty well-known G-style popper, a style famous for its impressive and smooth waving, and all I thought after watching this video was that the dance truly is an art. He dances to Roads by Portishead (I KNOW RIGHT? crazy).

Mark and I will be tabling at McGill’s version of Nuit Blanche selling our new stock on Friday, and I’ll be repping our new Robotica shirt on stage in front of 700+ people at a huge dance crew competition called Blackout on Saturday. TYA UP!



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