Don’t really know how to describe this, but its pretty damn epic. A 155 minute long mashup album divided into 7 chapters by SLEEPER (pictured above). The work is called Counting Cavemen and SLEEPER himself has this to say about it:

I think about Cave­men everyday.

Their sounds, smells, habits, & pains…
what they did in sit­u­a­tions like my own.

I’ve been cap­ti­vated by them since as long as I can remem­ber.
Think­ing about how we lived our lives hun­dreds of years ago blows my mind.

Count­ing Cave­men is the sequel to Count­ing Laz­ers.
I’ve been work­ing on it for almost three years.
There was a point where I thought it would never be fin­ished, bah!

The mix has 7 chap­ters/​sections which all con­nect together. Each chap­ter has a dif­fer­ent musi­cal style/​theme that Cave­men went through.

* Chap­ter 1: Gui­tar
The very first instru­ments & sounds of the world. Filled with live music, piano, gui­tar, grunts and claps.
* Chap­ter 2: Pimp
First cave­man pimp arrives and finds his muse. She gets pimped. Uptempo, grind­ing, uptempo, nasty boom.
* Chap­ter 3: Love
Pimp falls deeply in love with his muse. She’s a whore & breaks his heart. Jazzy, drum & bass, smooth.
* Chap­ter 4: Dance
Heart­bro­ken Cave­man moves on, cre­ates a cave solely made for dance. The first b-​​boy is born. Packed with dance, dance, dance.
* Chap­ter 5: War
World War of mon­strous pro­por­tions spreads across the globe. Hard, evil, dark, dub­step, drum & bass.
* Chap­ter 6: God
Cave­men dis­cov­er & feel God. Intro­spec­tive, mag­i­cal.
* Chap­ter 7: Heaven
Cave­men become extinct. Melodic, epic, pow­er­ful.

Weird description I know, but the mix is impressive both in its quantity and quality. I haven’t got a chance to listen to all of it but what I’ve heard so far is really good stuff. You can check it out here. Even more impressive is that he made video 3 different video mixes for some of his chapters, and if you’ve ever done any video editing you know these take a lot of talent and patience. For your viewing pleasure:

Definitely blows DJ EARWORM out of the water.



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