Dubtal Filthbat

Remember when this was the height of gaming?

You may remember a while back we did a post which featured a trailer for the new Mortal Kombat movie. Well there’s also a new MK video game coming out and there’s some big names in electronic and dub on the soundtrack (ranging from Felix Cartel  to Harbard Bass). The first track  here is by the well known Skrillex and is supposed to represent Reptile, the green dude that had that move that looked like he was puking. Second one is buy Run DMT who I hadn’t really heard much about but his Baraka’s theme is amazing. Enjoy:


101 Reasons why you should be a goooooood wifey

This is probably the funniest blog I have seen in a while: myexwifesweddingdress.com

Basically once this guy found his wife was leaving him, he decided to try to find 101 uses for the wedding dress she left behind.

Wedding Dress As Dog Sling

Wedding Dress As Moving Blanket

Wedding Dress As Wood Pile Cover

Below is an interesting dubstep remix to Kanye West’s All of the Lights (sans lights):

Also funny pic this is what I’ve been doing after I finished my exams:

Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight Playing Sega

Anyways, get excited – TYA is coming back in full force just in time for the summer!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the folks at TYA, all cramming for exams. I’m on a concise-blog-post-tip, so here’s the post, concisely. Hipsters, unlike 76% of North Americans, don’t eat chocolate Easter bunnies from the ears. Here is the bboy trailer for my friend Branden Cha aka. Bboy BusyRoc (Soul Bratz, Raw Kingz) busting it out in everywhere from R16 Malaysia to some Montreal cyphers. Check out his other videos for more style!

Effusion A Capella is doing a Toronto tour on May 7th at St. Michael’s Choir School at 8 pm! Sadly, Kevin (and Mark) will instead be in New York and will each be purchasing one of these sick wooden pieces from the people at Good Wood, who started up just like us. Thousand Years Apparel is also going to attempt a throwback line for the summer, POTENTIALLY INCLUDING some down-to-earth jewelry pieces to rock in the heat in addition to fly ass colours for the sunshine. We are inspired by another one of my dancer friends Kenny B Smooth who throws us back to the 80’s rocking that flattop fade and New Jack Swing style. Check out his fan page and available youtube videos.

Why yes, he IS the asian one that you expected. Taken this year.

PHEW! Happy Easter everyone!

Soundtrack of Our Time

Every week in my English class the prof plays us songs that are somehow related to what we’re reading, and guys– he has SUCH GOOD TASTE.

Here are a couple of my favourite songs that we’ve listened to, and you can see the full list here:

Amy Winehouse – “You Know I’m No Good” (to go with Sylvia Plath’s Ariel)

The Roots – “Walk Alone” (to go with Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart)

DJ Topcat  (Eazy E vs. Johnny Cash) – “Folsom Prison Gangstaz” (to go with David McGimpsey’s Sitcom)

Hope you enjoyed! The class actually introduced to a ton of bands I’d never heard of, so it’s worth checking out the whole thing : )