Tell Your Friends To Get With My Friends

Even though  it’s finally starting to feel like spring in Montreal my exams are keeping me inside. But today’s post isn’t about me. Pictured above is the soon-to-be-famous Micah Rakoff Bellman, one of my best friends from Toronto. Not only does he rock the hell out of that t -hirt but he is one hell of a musician as well.

Currently going to school in Ottawa, Micah and his two friends have formed a band called Boxfull of Groundhogs. Having made the trip to our nation’s capital to see them preform live I can honestly say I was blown away by how talented these 3 are. See for yourself:

In addition to doing some mean cover songs they’re also talented song writers too. This is another cut from their show:

Long story short, building up a fan base in any area is hard. Take a minute and check out Boxfull of Groundhogs Youtube page or Facebook because you won’t be dissapointed. We’ve been lucky enough to have had such amazing  support thus far and and we’re looking forward to an even better summer. But don’t worry there will be more posts before that I promise.

❤ Mark

PS Speaking of Ottawa this tumblr is hilarious:

Highlights include:


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