POLITICS? No, too depressing…

This guy? Really, Canada?

Nick said I would probably blog about politics…but to be honest, I find it just too depressing.
But to each his own! TYA will not take sides in our newly polarized political clime.

1) On a related note though, Michael Ignatieff is coming to teach at U of T! Hopefully he has enough charisma to captivate a classroom, since he had pretty much zero popular appeal.

2) I voted! (Unlike Nick.) It was super awesome and everyone should do it every chance they get.

3) Speaking of heads of state (worst segue ever, sorry), here’s a great royal wedding moment, captured in Westminster Abbey after the ceremony.

4) This is not even tangentially related, but it is the CUTEST THING EVER. All kisses should be this exciting. (Thanks to my friend Thomas for showing me this!)


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