Tell Your Friends To Get With My Friends, Again

Space Academy. The name, an enigma. The sound: crystal clear. Currently working out of London Ontario this duet, compromised of Simu Liu and Mark Davey, are Youtube sensations in the making. Producing everything in house and playing all the instruments themselves, this talented pair have a great knack for re-imaging their covers songs to make them sound fresh again. Here’s just the tip of the iceberg:

Future plans for Space Academy include more inspired covers and the debut of their original tracks. So support some struggling young artist and toss ’em a ‘like’ on facebook here. In the wise words of Nelly: “I said it ain’t no fun unless we all get some”

Keep your eyes peeled for some TYA updates in the next few days, including the status of our dope snapbacks (hint: soon) and the location of our very own Abi (hint: not a boarding school in Samoa). Til then,


EDIT: A quick google has indicated that the name Space Academy may in fact not be an enigma and instead taken from the 1970s live action sci-fi TV show, Space Academy. How’s that for some journalistic integrity?


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